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You have come home to one of Malta's .NET developers, who is currently working on a full time basis as a Software Architect and as a freelance part-time developer. However you might also find him volunteering with some established NGOs in his spare time.

Currently developing applications for Windows based systems including desktop and mobile devices. Implemented solutions have varied from micro-scale business applications using Microsoft Office Suite and VBA to full-scale solutions using Windows Forms, ASP MVC and Web Services. VB .NET has been the major ingredient but has occasionally been spiced up with C# too!

Experience is not limited to software development but has been involved in other ICT related disciplines such as networking and server-side technologies. Implemented systems include LINUX based installations, CCTV systems, VoIP systems, VMs and CISCO-based networking infrastructure using VLANs, VPNs or a hybrid of both.

Utilised technologies and solutions built

Intranet site

Intranet site based on Microsoft Sharepoint 2013 to support office operations, reporting automation, data storage, and for document or information retrieval


Sales ordering and Stock taking applications using both Windows CE and .NET

Crystal Reports and DevExpress

Business reporting that took the form of both traditional reports using Crystal Reports and/or some Business Intelligence flavour using DevExpress for data slicing and dicing.

Backup automation and Asset Management System

Enterprise-wide desktop-based application that takes snapshots of users' documents on either scheduled basis or through manual intervention. Also capable to retrieve the device information such as installed hardware and applications for reporting purposes. Such reports are used to indicate which devices need upgrading or have an out-of-date software package.

Operations-automation using OCR technology

Based on LeadTools SDK for Optical Character Recognition. A system fully automated has been built that converts printed invoices into machine readable format to be analysed and posted in the respective accounting ledger. The overall objective is to minimize human intervention, reduce data inputting and post directly in the respective financial ledger.

IT Help desk operations

IT help desk operations package that is used for logging IT support calls, Software Change management requests, IT procurement and IT asset management system.

Application Life Cycle management system

A tool that plugs in nicely with the IT Help Desk operations to create and maintain software projects, schedule and priotise software tasks. However, unlike other project management tools, this software goes beyond estimating multiple software projects' start or finishing dates. This is because estimation is done by taking into consideration a number of factors that dictate a project's delivery date. Such factors include required developers' effort, planned leave, Maltese public holidays, daily average developers' production rate and the current developers' task at hand. This done fully automated and based a registered timesheet done by developers on a daily basis. Reporting is produced through Crystal Reports, Ms Office, data pivoting or can even be exported to a Sharepoint Site in a form of Gantt chart.

Other development tools

  • Tortoise HG / Mercurial
  • GIT
  • CSS
  • HTML5
  • Javascript/jQquery
  • ASP & MVC
  • JAVA
  • MySQL
  • Intersystems Cache
  • Ms Access


Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Information Systems and Computing

London Metropolitan University

Advanced Diploma

London Metropolitan University



CISCO Certified Network Associate



London Metropolitan University


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